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Last update: Thursday, 13 August 2015, 3:30 PM

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Eastern Sierra Chapter Ridgecrest (ESCR) Patch
Tracy and Debbie at Olmstead Point
Yosemite National Park
Tracy and Debbie with Marine son Makay
to Debbie's left
"Marine Reserve Toys for Tots"
Tracy on ride to Furnace Creek Inn, Death Valley
Tracy and Debbie on a San Diego run
Marine son Makay and wife Rudie visiting Ridgecrest

Date posted: Thursday, 13 August 2015, 3:30 PM


We will be having another of our flex Friday breakfast rides tomorrow August 14th. We are going to Keene Café between Tehachapi and Bakersfield.

We will meet at JITB @ 0700 and plan to leave shortly after that. I know it’s early but we want to beat the heat coming home. So if you aren’t doing anything come out and join us for a great ride and some good food.

Again we will meet at JITB at 0700 and leave shortly after that.

V/R Tracy
13 August 2015, 10:25 AM

Date posted: Friday, 7 August 2015, 2:45 PM

Greeting all,

I had every intention of sending this out yesterday but I got overcome by events here at work. Don’t even ask. So anyway here it is a day late but no dollars short as this is worth a million bucks. Ok maybe just 5 bucks but a guy can dream right?

We have a few things going on this month, August is usually a slow month for us because of the heat that August usually brings those of us who choose to make our homes in the desert. This Friday we will be having our usual monthly board meeting, the food starts around 6 with the meeting starting around 7. All are welcome to join us, we have nothing to hide. This month the board meeting will be hosted by Geneva Thayer and Amy Covert. It will be at Bill and Genevas house, the address is 405 Veada Ave here in Ridgecrest. If you are planning on going and are not on the board all we ask is you give Geneva a call or text to let her know you will be attending so she has enough food for everybody. Her phone number is 760-382-3207. The next day on Saturday we will be having our monthly general meeting at the Grape Leaf. The fun usually starts around 8 with the meeting starting around 9 with one of my fantastic jokes. I may even wear my jester hat just to make it legit. There is no planned after meeting ride due to the August heat we typically have. Who knows what might come up a the meeting though.

We will have 2 cruise nights this month, the first one is the 13th and the second one the 27th. Both are at Baskin Robbins so come out and have some Ice Cream and fun.

On the 14th, which is a base Flex Friday there will be a Flex Friday Breakfast ride, this one will be to the Keen Café between Tehachapi and Bakersfield. This is a neat little place with really good food. It’s next to a fire station and they are always over there so you know the food is good. Firemen and Police always know where the good food is. There will be an email next week aobut this ride so stay tuned.

The last thing going on this month is a dinner ride to McNallys up on the Kern River. This is always a good ride with great food, for those who desire there are a few hotels in Kernville and there are usually some who just spend Saturday night in Kernville and watch the cowboys and cowgirls come in off the range for a cold one. Always entertaining.

The last thing I would like to bring up this month is the San Diego overnighter. I have been advertising this for a couple months now and we need to get more people to make reservations at the El Cordova on Coronado Island. We need to get at least 8 reservations by the 11th of August or we lose the special rate that we got with them. So please if you want to go to San Diego this year get your reservations or we will have to cancel the ride. The normal rate down there is outrageous, ask me how I know. So if you are planning on going get busy and make your reservations. If you need the information again let me know and I will get it to you.

That’s all for now so get out there and ride.


V/R Tracy
6 August 2015, 7:03 AM

Tracy L Ackeret
Chief Range Operations NASA Armstrong Flight Research Center (AFRC) Dryden Aeronautical Test Range (DATR)
661-276-2741 Desk
760-514-6025 Cell
661-276-2442 Fax


Here is a quick rundown of what is happening this month. Tomorrow Friday the 13th (insert scary music here) we will have our monthly board meeting at Dennis and Debby Linck’s house. I hear from a good source that Dennis has been slaving the last month to make some Corned Beef, don’t quote me on that but that’s what I heard. Everyone is welcome at our board meetings, however If you are planning on going to the board meeting and aren’t on the board please give Dennis or Debby a call to let them know so they have enough food. Their phone number is 760-375-3950.

On Saturday the 14th we will be having our general meeting at the Grape Leaf, the meeting starts at 0900 but show up early and enjoy breakfast with us. The after meeting ride was originally planned to be going to Lancaster Blvd, however Don McCauley is going to be leading a ride to Manzanar National Historic Site just north of Lone Pine. If you have never been to Manzanar you owe it to yourself to take the ride up there to see it. They have been doing a lot of work there and it is well worth the ride. There were over 110,000 Japanese Americans interned there during WWII. They have been working to recreate a lot of the old buildings and they have a wonderful visitor center that they have spent a lot of time on to show what it was like during those years.

On March 21st there will be a ride to Fox Field north of Lancaster for the 2nd annual LA County Airshow, I will send out details of the meet time and place next week. The USAF demonstration team The Thunderbirds will be preforming at this year’s airshow along with lots of others.

Lastly we will be starting our Thursday cruise nights at Pony Expresso on the 26th of March at 1900. Plan on coming out and joining everyone for some HOG fun. I hope everyone has a great month with lots of riding and fun.

12 March 2015, 7:51 AM

V/R Tracy Tracy L Ackeret
Chief Range Operations NASA Armstrong Flight Research Center (AFRC) Dryden Aeronautical Test Range (DATR)
661-276-2741 Desk
760-514-6025 Cell
661-276-2442 Fax

9 January 2015


Sorry this is late, I started a new job this week and I am a bit overwhelmed. I know not a good excuse but hey, it’s all I got.

Anyway on to this month’s happenings. First off we have our Eastern Sierra Board meeting tonight. It will be at Stan And Barbs house. Their address is 608 South Sorrel in Ridgecrest. If you are not on the board you are still more then welcome to join us at the board meeting. All we ask is to let the hosts know so they can plan on enough food. Their phone number is 760-793-0996.

Tomorrow, the 10th, we will be having our first of 2015 general meeting at Grape Leaf. The actual meeting starts at 0900 but feel free to show up early to have breakfast. The Grape Leaf has been taking very good care of us on Saturday mornings so please come out and support them as they have been supporting us the past year.

After the meeting, weather permitting, we will be taking a short ride down to Debbie and I’s stomping grounds in California City to go to the Airport and Foxys Landing. This is a cool little place that has always taken care of us when we have gone in there. Jamie is very good with a large crowd so don’t be worried about that if you are on the fence about joining us.

Looking ahead a bit to next month, Bland will once again be doing his Cabin Fever run to Beatty Nevada. This will be from the 27th of February to March 1st. This is always a good ride but make sure if you are going to go to take lots of layers. Some years the weather is beautiful and pleasant, not warm but not bad. Others at the top of Towns Pass there has been snow. So plan accordingly.

That’s about all for this month, expect one of these emails a bit earlier from now on. Ride Safe and Ride Often

-- Silk

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