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Updated: Friday, 11 April 2014, 10 PM
RAG HOG Annual Activities Calendar for 2014 (Go!...)
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Eastern Sierra Chapter HOGs with military service
participating in our annual Toys for Tots toy exchange:
Featured here is Dennis ... !
Kelly and Dennis amongst the deep snow in
Yosemite National Park
Kelly and Dennis taking on the 26% grades of the
Sonora Pass, HWY 108 from HWY 395 to Jamestown, CA
Dennis's sister-in-law Christine and brother Steve
join Kelly and him at Lake Topaz for our Sonora Pass ride
Dennis enjoying a cold one in Wade's summer pool
Kelly and Dennis and his sister-in-law and brother
enjoy dinner at Lake Topaz on our Sonora Pass ride
Posting Date
8 April 2014

April Happenings

10th- Cruise Night Pony Espresso 7:00pm
11th – Board Meeting at Don and Judy’s everyone is welcome but if you are not on the board please let Don and Judy know you plan to attend . Call 760-382-5151 or 760-677-5864
12th – General HOG meeting at the Grape Leaf in Ridgecrest 8:00am breakfast / 9:00am meeting.
After meeting ride to Redhouse BBQ in Tehachapi so come gassed up ready to ride.
25th - Breakfast ride to Kelly’s Café in Tehachapi. Time to be determined at meeting.
26th – Lunch ride to Peggy Sue’s Diner in Yermo. Time to be determined at meeting.

23 Feb 2014

Activities for March, Let’s Ride!

Here are some dates to remember for March:

March 2 is the Lancaster Meeting

March 7 is the Eastern Sierra HOG Chapter Board meeting, this time the meeting is at Dennis and Debbie’s home, the address is on calendar.

March 8 is our General Meeting at Grape Leaf with an after meeting ride to Furnace Creek.

March 13 is our first Cruise Night; meet with shiny bikes at Pony Espresso, in Ridgecrest.

March 14 – 16 Reagan Library Run - we do not have anyone stepping up to arrange this ride. I heard they had a great time last year. Any takers?

March 21-22 Blue Angles at Fox Field in Lancaster.  Tickets can be had online ... !

March 28-30 is our Laughlin “Run for The Money” Run. Kelly and I will be leading this one and it won’t be your normal way of getting to Laughlin so keep watching as info will soon be out. Hotel of choice is Tropicana so make your reservations now!

I’ll keep posting info about the State Hog Rally coming up the 8-13 of September. Are you going? Did you volunteer? Want to? Need more info, check out the flier on website.

Eastern Sierra is a Riding club so “Let’s Do It”!!!! Let’s RIDE!!!!

2 Feb 2014

Get ready to “Run for the Money” (Flyer) the last weekend in March as we roll down the road to Laughlin, Nevada!!!  Kick stands up Friday, March 28th, 0800 at Jack in the box.  Saturday’s plans are to visit the rustic town of Oatman, AZ providing the donkeys aren’t in the way and then continue out to the Harley dealer and lunch in Kingman, AZ.   For those who would like to attend, a group dinner will be Saturday evening at the “Steakhouse” restaurant in the Tropicana which has been voted the #1 steakhouse in the tri-state area 12 years in the row.     

Hotel of choice for this event is the Tropicana.  We attempted to book a block of rooms at the Tropicana but the room prices have fell three times since the initial contact.  Sites such as Hotel.com, Travelocity and Expedia all have lower room prices than the actual resort web site.   

More details to follow.

Hope you can join us!

18 Jan 2014
  Billee and Bland's
Cabin Fever Run (Go ... !)
Maps and Itinerary (Go ... !)
14-17 February 2014
18 Jan 2014

BBQ Brews and Blues Run
20/21/22 June 2014 around Reno, NV
(831 planned miles)


Attached is the promised flyer. I made a MS Word and PDF version (Go ... !). Please send the PDF to Don ASAP so he can post it on the website. This is a popular event and people should be making room reservations soon.


(a. k. a. Josh Wilkerson)
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