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A message from our Director Bobby repeated here:

Subj: Change of ESCR Chapter Meeting

I'm sure most of you have heard ... the Grape Leaf is closing their doors.

Anne and I went around town this past weekend looking for places
where we can eat a breakfast and hold our chapter monthly meetings
and the folks at Casa Corona said they would support us ... no fee being charged.

They are opening up early for us (9 AM) on the second Saturday of
each month. They typically don't provide a Saturday breakfast --
so this is kind of a big deal.

They will be serving a breakfast buffet during our meetings at the cost of
$11 per person. I understand that some of you may find eating from
a buffet not your preferred method and/or even eating breakfast.
We hope you will support this and give it a chance. They are offering a
buffet as there menu is very limited. They feel they can offer a larger
variety that will contain standard American fare and include some Mexican.

Our 9 AM 10 February Chapter Meeting will be held at Casa Corona.

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