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Entering Our 21st Year as a Riding / Activity Group
Entering Our 2nd Year as an Official H. O. G. Chapter
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Welcome to our Eastern Sierra Chapter membership ...
from our new Director Barb Austin ... ! (Director Topics ... !)

It's that time of year ... to renew our Chapter Annual Membership ... !
Please print and fill out your
Bring it ... your $25 ... and your National HOG Membership card
to our next scheduled General Meeting.


Activities Officer Dennis Ambrecht:
Updated 27 March 2014, 9 PM

Our Annual Calendar:

17 January 2014 (Go ... !)

Our April 2014 Calendar of Events:
1 April 2014 (Go ... !)

Pictures from Recent Events:

Kelly and Dennis's "Laughlin River Run for the Money":
28 - 30 March 2014

Bland's Facebook pictures for this run (Go ... !)



Trona's 100th anniversary Parade is this Saturday 29th March:

Stan's Facebook pictures for this event (Go ... !)

Up-coming LOH Event:

The Eastern Sierra Ladies of Harley are
invited to relax and enjoy a spa evening
hosted by Sandra Moore on
25 April 2014 at 6:30 PM (Flyer ... !)


Some Up-coming Rides:

Updated Sunday, 30 March 2014, 4:30 PM


California Gold: "A Ride Back in Time"

We are honored: The 2014 California State Rally officially starts at
our shop in Lancaster on September 8th and ends in
South San Francisco on September 13th ... !

But participation begins this March ...
with the schedule for the Pre-rally Rendezvous Parties:

Palm Springs Harley-Davidson - Saturday March 8th 2-5 PM
El Cajon Harley-Davidson - Saturday May 10th 2-5 PM
Redwood Harley-Davidson - Saturday June 28th 2-5 PM
San Jose Harley-Davidson - Saturday July 19th 2-5 PM

The rally this year is made up of several parts:
Get the complete Information (Go ... !)



Then Later:
Debbie and Josh Wilkerson's
BBQ Brews and Blues Run (Go ... !)
20/21/22 June 2014
Reno, NV


Then Way Later:
California State HOG Rally (Go ... !)
8 - 13 September 2014
"California Gold:
A Ride Back in Time ... !


Eastern Sierra Chapter 166501
Ridgecrest CA

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Flyers:New Bikes/Tikes:
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Updated: Thursday, 20 February 2014, 8:30 PM

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About Us
Who We Are ... ?

Our Eastern Sierra Chapter #166501 Ridgecrest CA ...
is a family oriented group of people
who enjoy riding our Harley-Davidson motorcycles as a group.
We are a Riding Chapter ... !!!

Our Eastern Sierra Chapter #166501 Ridgecrest CA ...
likes to take advantage of the wonderful Southern California weather
... by getting out together and riding. As a Chapter member you will be encouraged to participate in our many yearly rides and chapter events. If you enjoy getting out and riding your Harley-Davidson ... then JOIN US ... !!!

Our Sponsoring Dealer is Antelope Valley Harley-Davidson:
1759 W Avenue J-12, Lancaster, CA 93534

Chapter Membership and Enrollment and Release Form: 
(Go ... ! and change your printer Setup to LANDSCAPE).
Bring it ... your $25 ... and your National HOG Membership card 
to our next scheduled General Meeting.

Our Chapter dues are $25 per year ... and you must be a current National HOG member.

What We Do ... ?

We are a Riding Chapter ... ! We have over 50 chapter rides and events planned every year. In 2012 we had many day rides to places as varied as Death Valley in the winter ... to Mount Whitney in summer ... with many in-between. We had 7 overnight rides to places like San Diego and
Yosemite National Park

The chapter organizes rides each month to a variety of great destinations. Most chapter rides are held on Saturdays or Sundays ... with most overnight rides starting on Fridays. Our rides are arranged to provide enough variety to suit riders from new to veteran rides.

To see some of the places we have been in the past ... check out some of our photographs
from our various rides.

Our chapter also supports several local charities and civic events each year ... through special rides and events. Our charities vary from year-to-year ... but have included the Ridgecrest Women's Shelter, Toys for Tots, Salvation Army, Ridgecrest Boys and Girls Club, Relay for Life ... and many others.

To see what our Eastern Sierra Chapter Ridgecrest has planned ... check out our Yearly Calendar.

Where We Are ... ?

Monthly Chapter meetings begin at 9 AM ... second Saturday of each month:
Come early to our meetings at 8 AM ... and enjoy breakfast with us.

The Grape Leaf Restaurant
on the corner of
Drummond Ave. and N. Heritage Drive

Ridgecrest, CA 93555

(760) 446-3930

Disclaimer ... Article XIV
While the local chapter may be affiliated with H. O. G., it remains a separate, independent entity responsible for its actions.   All Harley Owners Group members and their guest(s) participate voluntarily and at their own risk in H. O. G. and H. O. G. chapter activities.   The sponsoring dealer, H. O. G. and Harley-Davidson Motor Company and its subsidiaries and local chapter officers are and shall be released and held harmless by the member/guest for any injury or loss to the member/guest, or to his or her propery which may result from participation in H. O. G. and H. O. G. chapter activities.   This means that each and every member of the local chapter and their guest(s) have no ground for legal action against the sponsoring dealer, H. O. G., Harley-Davidson Motor Company, its subsidiaries and their employees for any injury resulting to them or their property.
Updated Monday, 3 February 2014, 4 PM
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The change was necessary because we were getting inundated by the web
crawlers and bots attempting to gain access to our boards. Anyway, it'll be
easier and less time consuming to confirm members this way.

-- Hal

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Debby's Chapter Minutes for march 2014 [pdf] (Go ... !)

Hal's Road Captain Manual [pdf] (Go ... !)

Dennis's April Activities [pdf] (Go ... !)

Kelly and Dennis's Laughlin Run for the Money (Pics Go ... !)

Barb and Stan's Pictures from the 100th BDay Parade (Go ... !)

Wade's Ride to Monterey, CA -- Sept 26-29 (Pics Go ... !)

Chapter Annual Picnic at Lake Diaz -- Sept 21 (Pics Go ... !)

Wade's Guided Weekender on Our Coast -- Sept 26 (Flyer Go...!)

Stan's Brand New Ultra Classic [YouTube 1 min 35 sec] (Go ... !)

Don's New Trike (Go ... !)

The Sonora Pass Ride 21..23 June 2013 (Go ... !)
The Ronald Reagan Presidential Library Ride 30 March 2013 (Go ... !)
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